Federal Defense, Civilian, State & Local Governments
Federal Defense, Civilian, State & Local Governments

Federal Defense, Civilian, State & Local Governments

Given the increasing importance of mission critical real-time video, automated situational awareness and video command & control at the tactical and mobile edge, RealityVision is quickly becoming an important tool for first responders, civilian agency employees and those serving or supporting operations on the battlefield.

RealityVision streamlines the communications process between field personnel, operations centers, and senior management. Our secured communications applications allow for sharing live video, mission critical data and GPS tracking through commercially available hardware, smart phones, tablets, PCs, cameras,  over virtually any system (including cellular, tactical, Wi-Fi and satellite networks) you currently use for mobile communication, anywhere in the world.

Any critical information seen in the field or on a PC screen – including UAV or drone feeds in a TOC or NOC - can be shared instantly and securely with everyone who needs to see it.  By providing applications that enhance an organization’s situational awareness through the sharing of live video, mission critical data and GPS, Reality Mobile has developed the missing link between tactical teams, processes, technologies and geographies.

Installation and configuration are simple. In fact, customers can be up and running in just a few hours.

In the government sector, RealityVision is being deployed in a variety of ways to deliver value in mission-critical situations:

  • Blue force tracking
  • Border and port security
  • Counterterrorism
  • National infrastructure protection
  • Emergency first response
  • Intelligence collection and dissemination
  • Law Enforcement
  • Logistics and maintenance

RealityVision features are so powerful it is changing the way government agencies conduct missions, deploy fielded assets, and respond to events.

  • Enhanced Decision Support - Watch live video and events as they happen. Send vital information from first responders and tactical teams to operations or other team members.
  • Common Operating Picture - Managers and SME’s can see what tactical teams see to help ensure that the right decisions are made the first time.
  • Collaboration - All team members are instantly brought to the same level of understanding.
  • Increased Operational Tempo - Make more timely and productive decisions for using field assets.

To learn more about RealityVision and how the system works and can be deployed, visit our Products page