US Patent No. 7,949,730 Awarded to Reality Mobile
US Patent No. 7,949,730 Awarded to Reality Mobile

US Patent No. 7,949,730 Awarded to Reality Mobile

Issued on May 24, 2011, this patent award focuses on mobile peer-to-peer communications.  This award covers among other elements, functionality that includes a mobile device issuing a command to cause another mobile device to start or stop streaming real-time data; view a live stream from a remote source; display text; retrieve a file; initiate a phone call; report its status or its location; erase all of its data and restore itself to pre-determined default settings.

As with our earlier patents, this award covers any kind of mobile device, any geographical location, any streaming data feed and any corresponding mapping display. The innovations in this patent, along with those in previously issued patents, empower mobile users to create and share content with each other in dynamic ways - creating a new category of mobile content and providing the ability to enhance it with location-based information and other data. As more users migrate to mobile devices (smart phones, tablets, iPad®, iPhone®, etc.), these patented technologies empower them to extend their ability to share rich media and other information in real-time.

By way of brief illustration, we have included a sample implementation of the patented technology below, again recognizing that many more variations are possible.  The animation shows an example of one mobile device user viewing video on a mobile device and, from a list of available recipients, choosing to push that video to another mobile user’s device for immediate viewing.

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